The automotive gear industry relies on innovation to drive smart manufacturing



Recently, the China Gear Transmission Industry Development Summit was held in Hangzhou. This conference revealed a message that the domestic automotive gear industry is relying on innovation to drive smart manufacturing. With the development of artificial intelligence technology and its application in manufacturing, the concept of intelligent manufacturing has emerged in industrialized countries.

The integrated development and innovative applications of new generation information technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence with advanced manufacturing technologies have created conditions for opening up "smart islands", promoting organic integration, and realizing independent production. Therefore, intelligent manufacturing has entered a new stage.

Its essence is a new production method that meets individual needs. It is characterized by real-time response to the changing needs and conditions of factories, supply chain networks and customers. Its technology is an integrated technology system.

Dr. Yin Feng, director of the Intelligent Manufacturing Research Office of the Equipment Industry Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, was invited to give a report entitled "Intelligent Manufacturing Development Trends and Countermeasures" at this meeting, and pointed out: "The content of intelligent manufacturing is very Rich and extensive, both at home and abroad are in the exploratory stage. Germany believes that it will take at least 10-15 years to truly realize smart manufacturing. Therefore, we must take the development of smart manufacturing as a long-term strategic task."

In an interview, Li Shengqi, secretary general of the China Auto Transmission Innovation Alliance and gear industry expert, said: “At present, the key common technologies and equipment of the domestic automotive gear industry are restricted by developed countries’ enterprises, and the foundation of intelligent manufacturing standards, software, network and information security is weak. The maturity of the new intelligent manufacturing model is not high, the supply of system solutions is insufficient, and there is a lack of intelligent manufacturing talents from international leading companies and cross-industry integration. In the face of these outstanding problems, the domestic automotive gear industry must persevere in the development of intelligent manufacturing. Implement intelligent manufacturing engineering, focus on improving the safety and controllability of key technology and equipment, focus on enhancing basic support capabilities, focus on improving the level of integrated applications, and build a new manufacturing system."